Sinema Chairs Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Innovative Aviation Technologies

Sep 30, 2022

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Senator’s opening statement
Senator’s questions

Senator examined with aviation leaders the wide range of innovative aviation technology uses, such as delivering medicine & improving mobility

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema chaired a Senate Aviation Safety, Operations, and Innovation Subcommittee hearing ahead of the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization on the opportunities for American leadership on innovative aviation technologies, such as Advanced Air Mobility, electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft, and Uncrewed Aerial Systems (also known as drones) – that will improve mobility, fuel innovation, and expand economic opportunities while reducing carbon emissions.
“As we begin the process of reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration next year, Congress should incorporate provisions to advance these important developing technologies and ensure the United States remains a global leader in aviation technology – and our hearing is an opportunity to consider the challenges ahead, and the approaches Congress can take to address those challenges,” said Sinema, Chair of the Senate Aviation Safety, Operations, and Innovation Subcommittee. 
Sinema explained how Advanced Air Mobility represents an exciting new technology that can reshape the future of aviation by increasing public access to aviation, strengthening national security, and emitting far less greenhouse gasses than current technologies. The Senator discussed how her bipartisan Advanced Air Mobility Coordination and Leadership Act, which passed the Senate unanimously last week, develops an interagency working group to evaluate, plan, and coordinate efforts regarding safety, infrastructure, and security of developing Advanced Air Mobility in the United States. 
As Chair of the Aviation Subcommittee, Sinema questioned the witnesses about their insights, recommendations, and priorities for the upcoming FAA reauthorization. Specifically, Sinema asked a Honeywell Aerospace representative about key findings from Honeywell’s summit in Washington, D.C. on Advanced Air Mobility and Uncrewed Aerial Systems issues. Earlier this year, Sinema visited Honeywell’s Deer Valley site in North Phoenix to discuss cutting-edge technology and the state of America’s aviation sector. 
Additionally, the Senator asked a Commercial Drone Alliance representative about what actions Congress can take in the FAA reauthorization to establish clear, timely rules for advanced drone operations and maintain America’s global leadership in the drone field.
Sinema recently addressed the Regional Airline Association’s Leaders Conference to discuss the bipartisan reauthorization of the FAA and ensure the reauthorization addresses the key challenges the aviation industry continues to face.