Sinema Calls for Increased Transparency of Strategic National Stockpile

Jul 8, 2020

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema called for increased transparency around the Strategic National Stockpile, which is maintained by the federal government to rapidly distribute personal protective equipment and other critical medical supplies during public health emergencies. 
“The number of confirmed coronavirus cases across Arizona are rising by the day, and Arizona still lacks sufficient supplies of personal protective equipment. Arizonans deserve answers on how PPE distribution is prioritized and how the federal government is preparing for future coronavirus waves,” said Sinema.
In her letter, Sinema cited the continued growth in cases in the Arizona and across the U.S. and discussed the importance of state and local governments knowing what medical supplies may be available to them from the Strategic National Stockpile to aid in their public health efforts. Sinema asked the Department of Health and Human Services about the current contents of the Strategic National Stockpile, plans to restock it while also providing necessary supplies to states, use of the Defense Production Act to address supply needs, and how the administration will make decisions about Strategic National Stockpile distribution.
The letter follows a Homeland Security Committee hearing earlier this week, in which Sinema discussed Arizona’s coronavirus outbreak and the need for increased personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing capacity to combat the virus.
Read Sinema’s letter HERE.