Sinema Backs Bipartisan Bill to Improve Services for Women Veterans

Mar 4, 2019

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema joined a bipartisan group of senators to introduce legislation to ensure women veterans receive equal access to care and services from the VA.

“The VA must provide the highest standard of care to all Arizona’s veterans,” said Sinema, a member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. “Our bipartisan bill holds the VA accountable to ensure all Arizona veterans receive the quality care they’ve earned.”

The Deborah Sampson Act affords services to women veterans and eliminates significant barriers when seeking care from the VA. This legislation empowers women veterans to support each other through peer-to-peer assistance, delivers legal support services, and provides newborn care and adoption assistance. While serving in the U.S. House during the 115th Congress, Sinema co-sponsored the Deborah Sampson Act.

The Deborah Sampson Act was named after a woman who disguised herself as a man to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. She served 17 months in the Army under the name “Robert Shirtliff.” In 1782, she was wounded and honorably discharged at West Point, NY in 1783.