Sinema-Backed Bipartisan Bill Ensures American Semiconductor Suppliers Receive CHIPS Grants

Mar 21, 2022

Senator-backed bipartisan legislation complements her bipartisan CHIPS For America Act—legislation boosting American semiconductor manufacturing

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema cosponsored the Investing in Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing Act—bipartisan legislation ensuring suppliers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials are eligible to receive CHIPS grants to support expanded domestic manufacturing of semiconductors.
“Ensuring semiconductor suppliers and manufacturers can receive CHIPS grants boosts American manufacturing of semiconductors, lowering the costs of goods, helping Arizonans keep more money in their own pockets, and strengthening America’s economy,” said Sinema, original cosponsor of the bipartisan CHIPS For America Act and member of the Senate Commerce Committee.
The Sinema-backed Investing in Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing Act directly complements her Senate-passed bipartisan CHIPS For America Act, which fueled Intel’s $20 billion expansion in Arizona and created thousands of jobs in the state, will help address severe shortages in the semiconductor supply chain and reestablish American leadership in global semiconductor manufacturing.
Recently, Sinema urged Congressional leaders of both parties to preserve the full $52 billion in investment in American semiconductor manufacturing in the United States Innovation and Competition Act to quickly address America’s severe semiconductor shortage and related supply chain issues.
From both an economic and national security perspective, it is imperative the United States rapidly expand domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity. The United States’ global share of semiconductor manufacturing in 1990 was 37; that number has fallen to an alarming 12% today. Without this investment, the United States risks falling further behind other countries, most notably China. This $52 billion investment, included in the bipartisan CHIPS For America Act law that Sinema is an original cosponsor and helped shape and pass in the Senate, will create a more resilient and domestic semiconductor supply chain which will help prevent future shortages that hurts America’s economy, job losses, more expensive goods, and national security vulnerabilities.