Sinema-Backed Bill Protects & Strengthens Investments for University of Arizona’s Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Apr 25, 2022

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema cosponsored legislation that protects and strengthens the University of Arizona’s Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center.
“Arizona’s leadership in climate science and research helps protect our environment, fuel our economy, and create jobs. Protecting the University of Arizona’s Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center’s short and long-term work will help us responsibly address climate change while increasing economic opportunities,” said Sinema.
“As climate-related challenges unfold across Arizona and the nation with increasing speed and impact, the Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs) are working in partnership with natural and cultural resource managers to deliver science to help our nation’s fish, wildlife, water, land, and people adapt to changes in climate and extreme weather. The CASC Act will provide consistency and continuity to a program that maximizes the federal-university partnership, with the University of Arizona and other institutions, to ensure that Arizona and the nation have the knowledge and capacity to meet increasing real-world science needs expressed by those responsible for stewarding our natural and cultural resources. I thank Senator Sinema for supporting high-quality, actionable science and training the next generation of climate adaptation scientists and resource managers,” said Gregg Garfin, University Director, Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center.

The Sinema-backed Climate Change Adaptation Science Center Act ensures the existence of Climate Change Adaption Science Centers across the nation, and strengthens investments supporting University of Arizona’s center.
Arizona is a national leader on climate science and research, and continually experiences the impacts of climate change. This Sinema-backed legislation would strengthen already-authorized investments for University of Arizona’s center, ensuring Arizona continues to its leadership in climate change research.