Sinema-Backed Bill Boosts Funding and Support for Arizona’s Postal Service

Aug 5, 2020

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema cosponsored the bipartisan Postal Service Emergency Assistance Act—legislation introduced by Republican Senator Susan Collins (ME) that provides emergency assistance to the U.S. Postal Service during the coronavirus pandemic.
“The Postal Service connects loved ones, supports local businesses, and delivers lifesaving prescription drugs and other resources to Arizonans. Providing emergency funding to the Postal Service ensures Arizonans can continue to access critical services they rely on,” said Sinema.
The Sinema-backed Postal Service Emergency Assistance Act provides the Postal Service with up to $25 billion in emergency COVID-19 funding, and ensures the Postal Service only uses the funding for coronavirus-related losses, expenses, or supplies to protect its workforce and customers. The bipartisan bill also requires the Postmaster General to provide Congress with a plan to ensure the long term solvency of the Postal Service.
Sinema is a longtime advocate of protecting postal service in Arizona. Sinema recently cosponsored a Senate resolution calling for increased funding and support for the United States Postal Service to protect service in Arizona communities. Sinema also successfully urged Congressional leaders to include $10 billion in loan authority for USPS in the CARES Act.