Sinema, Arizona Rural Electric Co-ops Talk Lowering Prices for Everyday Families

May 1, 2023

Rural electric cooperatives provide affordable electricity to Arizonans in historically underserved communities

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Arizona rural electric cooperatives (co-ops) to discuss lowering the cost of electricity for everyday families in rural parts of the state, as well as their priorities ahead of the upcoming Farm Bill Reauthorization. 
“We’re working with Arizona co-ops to lower the costs of energy for everyday Arizona families, especially for those in rural parts of our state, as we work on the bipartisan Farm Bill,” said Sinema.
The meeting featured representatives from rural electric co-ops across the state, including Graham County, Mohave County, Sulphur Spring Valley, Navopache, and more.
Rural electric co-ops are consumer-owned utilities that provide reliable, affordable electricity by purchasing electric power at wholesale and delivering it directly to consumers. In Arizona, rural electric co-ops deliver electricity to hundreds of thousands of locations like homes and businesses. 
Last Congress, Sinema introduced bipartisan, bicameral legislation expanding access to affordable electricity by allowing rural electric co-ops to adjust Rural Utilities Service loans.