Sinema Announces Nearly $15.2 Million for Arizona to Protect & Restore Wildlife Habitats, Recreation Opportunities

Jun 6, 2023

Investment from Sinema-shaped Inflation Reduction law supports environmental restoration projects for Yanawant and Sky Islands landscapes

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced that $15,180,000 is coming to Arizona from the Sinema-shaped Inflation Reduction law for restoration projects for the Yanawant and Sky Islands landscapes. The award – allocated by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management – delivers $5.59 million and $9.59 million to the Yanawant and Sky Islands landscapes, respectively. 
“Today’s announcement builds on our work ensuring Arizona remains a safe and healthy place to visit and call home for generations to come,” said Sinema.
The funding will be used to complete habitat and landscape restoration projects on lands that are impacted by drought, wildfires, and more – improving the health of public lands, safeguarding the recreational opportunities that fuel economic growth, and helping meet national conservation goals.
The Sky Islands landscape supports rare levels of biodiversity in addition to recreation opportunities that are critical to Arizona’s economy and heritage, but the vitality of the landscape is threatened due to record drought conditions and increasing wildfires. Restoration investments will reduce fuel loads, improve groundwater management in the San Pedro River drainage, protect critical wildlife migration corridors, and support recovery of threatened and endangered wildlife.
Investments in the Yanawant landscape strengthen the environment by improving drought resilience and ecosystem health, restoring habitats for threatened and endangered species, and reducing fuel loads and wildfire risk by removing noxious and invasive species and eliminating encroaching conifers.
Sinema actively works with Arizona partners to identify solutions helping mitigate the impact of Western drought in Arizona. Sinema personally secured $4 billion in Western water drought resiliency during negotiations of the Inflation Reduction law – ensuring the legislation included adequate climate resources to secure Arizona’s water and economic future.