Sinema Addresses ‘Forever Chemicals’ such as PFAS Impacting Tucson and Communities Across the Country

Feb 9, 2022

Sinema included $10 billion for clean water, including contamination cleanup, in her bipartisan infrastructure law

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema and a bipartisan group of Senators called on the Administration to boost funding around Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), or so-called “forever chemicals,” to protect Arizona communities and the environment from contamination. Sinema specifically called for increased funding for PFAS research, enhanced protections, and resources to support testing and cleanup.
“‘Forever chemicals,’ like PFAS, endanger Arizona communities by putting drinking water at risk and exposing Arizona servicemember and fire fighters to toxic substances. We’re calling for robust funding to combat and protect everyday Arizonans from PFAS contamination,” said Sinema.
Sinema and her colleagues request for funding to support agencies and programs that will help close gaps in forever chemicals research, protect public health and the environment from PFAS contamination, and support testing and cleanup of contaminated sites.
Sinema’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law that she co-authored and negotiated with Republican Rob Portman (Ohio) made a historic $15 billion investment for lead replacement and $10 billion to address forever chemicals contamination – a key multi-million dollar investment for communities like Tucson to clean up contamination from forever chemicals.
Last year, Sinema cosponsored the Senate-passed Protecting Firefighters from Adverse Substance Act—bipartisan legislation that protects firefighters, emergency response personnel, and communities from forever chemicals found in firefighting foams.
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