Sinema Addresses Arizona’s Rising Rent Costs and Housing Shortage in Senate Hearing

Feb 11, 2022

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Sinema referenced an Arizona Daily Star report about a California landlord doubling the rent of affordable housing for seniors in Tucson and kicking them out when they couldn’t pay

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke in a Senate Banking Committee Hearing about Arizona’s rising rent costs and ongoing affordable housing shortage. During her remarks, Sinema highlighted an Arizona Daily Star report about an out-of-state landlord who raised the rent of his affordable housing complex for seniors—kicking them out when they couldn’t pay.
“In Arizona, there’s also an affordable housing shortage for everyone, not just for seniors. That means that when out-of-state investors target Arizona seniors and kick them out of their homes, they aren’t left with a lot of great options…I will continue to work with my colleagues in a bipartisan fashion to protect our seniors and expand access to affordable housing for Arizonans,” said Sinema.
The Arizona Daily Star recently wrote an article about a California landlord who purchased an apartment building in Tucson that was originally affordable housing for seniors. However, after purchasing the building, the investor doubled the rent for residents, forcing many of these seniors to seek increasingly difficult-to-find housing options. Sinema questioned today’s hearing witnesses about this disturbing tactic and discussed the need protect Arizona seniors, expand access to affordable housing, and lower prices.