Reducing Veteran Homelessness is Aim of Sinema-Backed Bill

Jul 3, 2019

WASHINGTON – Reducing homelessness among veterans is the focus of new legislation cosponsored by Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema. The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act expands upon existing programs that help homeless veterans and provides greater resources to prevent veteran homelessness.
“Veteran homelessness is unacceptable. Our bill expands proven programs to get veterans back on their feet and in good homes so we can end veteran homelessness for good,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.
The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to enter into public-private partnerships to provide legal services for homeless veterans and veterans at risk of becoming homeless. The bill also increases the amount of money available for supportive services to very low-income veteran families in permanent housing, authorizes VA per-diem grant payments to furnish care to dependents of homeless veterans, and provides dental care for homeless veterans.