MEMO: What (even more) Arizonans are saying about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Aug 19, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema

  • A historic $110 billion investment to upgrade America’s roads and bridges
  • $65 to strengthen electricity grids around the country and promote resilience of power infrastructure to prevent outages
  • The strongest investment ever in clean drinking water—with more than $8 billion to strengthen water systems throughout the American West, including creating or conserving 100,000 acre feet of water yearly at Lake Mead
  • $65 billion to deploy high-speed broadband, expand broadband internet access, and help families afford broadband service 

What are Arizonans Saying?

League of Arizona Cities and Towns (Tom Belshe, Executive Director)
“On behalf of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, our 91 city and town councils, and more than 5.6 million residents of incorporated municipalities, we applaud Senator Sinema for her steadfast work on the bi-partisan infrastructure package presented in the U.S. Senate. In our work at the local level we were able to identify more than $5B in necessary road projects throughout our cities and towns in need of repair, reconstruction, or maintenance. Rural cities and towns face a competitiveness gap in economic development because of limited access to broadband. As a gateway to Mexico and a major trading partner, ports of entry must remain efficient and competitive. Arizona is a growing state and yet we must cope with falling levels in Lake Mead and the inevitability of needing to secure our state’s water future. With Arizona receiving a share of $110 billion for roads, bridges, and major projects, $65 billion for expanding access to broadband, $17.3 billion for ports of entry, and $23.4 billion for water resource projects this legislative package helps address not only those issues in the state but many more. Senator Sinema is a proven advocate for cities and towns in Arizona and the shared constituents we represent. We thank her for all her hard work and encourage our Arizona delegation to support this comprehensive infrastructure package that benefits businesses, residents, and local governments who rely on robust and efficient infrastructure.”
Salt River Project (Mike Hummel, General Manager and CEO)
“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will boost funding and investment in the electric grid and water infrastructure in Arizona. SRP is pleased that the legislation provides much needed funding for wildfire prevention in Arizona and authorizes a study to improve Arizona’s water capacity and supplies. We commend the bi-partisan efforts and leadership that it took to pass this important legislation.”
Winslow Mayor Birdie Cano
“Senator Sinema’s strong leadership in drafting and passing the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 will have a meaningful and profound impact on Winslow. With an additional $6 billion in funding to address the Army Corps of Engineers construction backlog, important projects, such as the Winslow Levee, could finally be completed that will ensure the life, health and safety of Winslow residents. We couldn’t be more grateful for Senator Sinema’s hard work on this critical legislation.”
Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority (Jaime Chamberlain, Chairman)
“The work by Senator Sinema and her colleagues from both sides of the aisle in the Senate is exactly what we needed to help address the infrastructure needs of our community and our nation. From day one, Senator Sinema has understood that infrastructure, more specifically for us ports of entry, is essential for economic development, supply chain resiliency and national security. Investing in our ports of entry is critical if we are to remain competitive as a region and as a nation.”
Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp. (Julie Engel, President/CEO)
“The Board of Directors and Team at Greater Yuma EDC are very pleased to see this infrastructure bill come to fruition. We are very grateful to Senator Sinema for her hard work on this bill and the bi-partisan collaboration we have come to appreciate Senator Sinema for. She continues to do what’s best for the country and Arizona. We are very excited to begin the infrastructure improvements that are needed at our border crossings, our major transportation corridors, and our broadband networks.”

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (full text available HERE) proposes the strongest investment in America’s critical infrastructure in more than a century without raising taxes on everyday Americans.
The legislation is the result of bipartisan negotiations led by U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Rob Portman (Ohio), with Senators from both parties and President Biden. 
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