Key Senate Committee Approves Sinema Bill Strengthening Transparency

Jul 24, 2019

Senator’s Taxpayers Right to Know Act clears Homeland Security Committee
WASHINGTON — A key Senate committee today approved Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s bipartisan Taxpayers Right to Know Act — legislation that increases government transparency for Arizona taxpayers. Sinema cosponsored the bill with Republican Senator James Lankford (Okla.).
“Arizona taxpayers deserve to know how the government spends their money. Today’s action is a step towards stronger transparency, ensuring Arizonans can hold their government accountable,” said Sinema.
Currently, Americans are unable to see all of the federal programs paid for by their tax dollars. The Taxpayers Right to Know Act creates an online database that reports the financial information of every federal program. The bill enables Congress, federal agencies, oversight bodies, and the public to see how taxpayer dollars are spent and use that information to hold the government accountable.