Keeping Arizona Families Safe and Secure, Sinema Secured Key Defense Priorities in Funding Bill

Mar 15, 2022

Sinema helped advance critical funding supporting Ukraine against Russia’s illegal, unprovoked invasion

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema helped advance critical resources supporting Ukraine and secured key Arizona defense priorities in the Fiscal Year 2022 government funding bill. 
“Today’s funding boosting our national defense and Arizona military installations helps safeguard and protect our national security, while ensuring our brave servicemembers have needed support. As Russia’s illegal, unprovoked attacks on Ukraine continue to threaten American national security interests, I’ll continue supporting policies and securing resources that keep America safe, promote our country’s and our allies’ long-term security, and ensure our servicemembers’ safety.
As part of the Fiscal Year 2022 government funding bill, Sinema helped advance critical resources supporting Ukraine, including emergency food assistance, health care, and other urgent support through the USAID International Disaster Assistance program; funding for the European Command operations mission, personnel, and intelligence support; key economic assistance to respond to energy and cybersecurity needs; and an increase to the President’s current authority to transfer defense equipment to Ukraine and other allies.
Additionally, Sinema secured the following priorities for Arizona military installations and Arizona servicemembers:
Luke Air Force Base
$4.2 billion for F-35 Aircraft
$28 million for new Aircraft Maintenance Unit facility to support the 6th Squadron of F-35 Aircraft
$21 million for a new facility to support the operations of the 6th Squadron of F-35 Aircraft

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
$195 million for state-of-the-art COMPASS CALL Aircraft
$13.4 million in funding for South Wilmot Gate, creating a new entry point on the south side of Davis-Monthan

$29.3 million for military construction on the Combat Training Tank Complex
Arizona Servicemembers
2.7% pay raise for servicemembers
$224 million for Child Development Centers, of which $33 million is for planning and design for future facilities
$539.7 million for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programs
$210 million for PFOS/PFOA cleanup

Arizona Military Community
$139 million for Tomahawk Missiles
$469 million for AH-64