Helping Israel Defend Itself Against Terrorism, Sinema Urges President to Quickly Transfer Defense Weapons

Oct 17, 2023

Sinema is ensuring Israel – America’s strongest ally in the Middle East – has the weapons and resources it needs to defend itself against terrorists

WASHINGTON – Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and a group of senators urged President Joe Biden to quickly transfer requested defense weapons to Israel as it defends itself against terrorism.

“We ask that the Department of Defense assess its stockpiles of these defense articles – especially Iron Dome interceptors – so that it can quickly transfer munitions to Israel, upon request. We further urge the Department of Defense to coordinate ammunition transfers with allies. Finally, we urge the Administration to quickly evaluate these stockpiles, allied commitments, and near-term Israeli needs and submit to Congress any necessary supplemental assistance packages so that Congress may act quickly to get Israel the support it needs during this crisis,” wrote Sinema and her colleagues.

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As Israel braces for longer conflict, Sinema is working to ensure the United States provides the weapons, resources, and intelligence Israel needs to defend itself. The senator is also identifying other bipartisan solutions cutting off funding to terrorist organizations, including Hamas and its supporters.

Throughout her time in Congress, Sinema has consistently voted to strengthen America’s commitment to Israel, and ensure Israel is fully equipped to defend itself against its enemies. Sinema’s first vote as Arizona’s senior Senator was to vote for the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, affirming the friendship between America and Israel.