Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: City of Globe 

Requested Amount: $1,000,000 

Recipient Location: Globe, AZ

Request Explanation: Globe & Miami Business Incubator - This project will convert the Michaelson Building, owned by Gila County, into a coworking space, and home to a workforce development program. The coworking space will help grow existing businesses and be the incubator for new ventures. The space will also be able to host a number of workforce development programs, both those provided by the community and a space for other industry partners to run workforce programs. 

Recipient Name: Foundation for Little Colorado Revitalization 

Requested Amount: $2,759,055 

Recipient Location: Springerville, AZ 

Request Explanation: This project will promote water conservation by replacing earthen irrigation canals with HDPE pipe to reduce the amount of water lost to seepage and evaporation.  

Recipient Name: City of Tucson 

Requested Amount: $697,699 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Agricultural Research Service Facility Upgrades – This project will fund deferred maintenance projects at the Tucson, AZ office of the Agricultural Research Service. The Tucson facility hosts researchers who work to support pollinator rehabilitation in the western United states, identify best practices for water conservation and management, and combat invasive species which threaten agricultural products.

Recipient Name: U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center 

Requested Amount: $1,783,650  

Recipient Location: Maricopa, AZ  

Request Explanation: U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center – This project would fund deferred maintenance projects at the U.S. Arid Land Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, Arizona. These repairs will upgrade the facility, which studies agricultural and land management best practices in arid and semi-arid regions of the desert southwest. 

Recipient Name: Willcox Theater and Arts, Inc.

Requested Amount: $1,600,000 

Recipient Location: Willcox, AZ

Request Explanation: The Center of Art and Heritage will promote economic development and tourism and enhance access to arts, cultural and educational opportunities. 

Recipient Name: Tubac Fire District 

Requested Amount: $2,000,000   

Recipient Location: Tubac, AZ  

Request Explanation: Tubac Fire District Fire Station - This will assist with the construction of a new fire station and administrative offices. The current station was built decades ago for a volunteer service and can no longer accommodate a career service with larger equipment and greater needs for the community they serve.

Recipient Name: City of Globe

Requested Amount: $753,120

Recipient Location: Globe, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Globe seeks funding to complete an exhibit repair project that would address deterioration issues with the main exhibit structures of Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park.


Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Town of Wellton 

Requested Amount: $44,000 

Recipient Location: Wellton, AZ

Request Explanation: Welton Police Equipment - this would provide upgraded firearms, ammunition, and related equipment to the Wellton Police Department which covers a rural area that is heavily used by traffickers with a small police force.

Recipient Name: Cochise County Sheriff's Office 

Requested Amount: $2,200,000 

Recipient Location: Bisbee, AZ 

Request Explanation: Cochise County Jail – This project will fully fund the planning and pre-development costs for a new jail in Cochise County. The County’s current jail is not adequately staffed nor does it have the proper services in place to deal with this growing portion of our population.

Recipient Name: Yavapai County Sheriff's Office

Requested Amount: $2,108,000 

Recipient Location: Prescott, AZ

Request Explanation: Yavapai County Sheriff Helicopter - This would enable the purchase of a Bell 407 or equivalent helicopter to assist with search and rescue, off highway vehicle enforcement, and public land patrols. Yavapai County is approximately 8,128 square miles, has four national forests, and expansive federal and state lands that lead to a high demand for search and rescue missions that would be made more effective with a helicopter.

Recipient Name: City of Tucson 

Requested Amount: $1,845,000  

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ  

Request Explanation: Tucson Police Department Portable Radios Update - The handheld and vehicle mounted radios used by Tucson Police Department (TPD) have reached end of life by the manufacturer and all support will end over the next calendar year. This project will fund the acquisition of replacement radios, with new capabilities and improved reliability to maintain public safety.

Recipient Name: City of Scottsdale

Requested Amount: $88,665 

Recipient Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Request Explanation: Scottsdale Public Safety Communications Equipment - This project will provide emergency backup communications equipment for the Scottsdale Police Department. This equipment may be used when landline and/or cellular/radio communications infrastructure is saturated or fails, to allow for seamless continuity of operations in an emergency.

Recipient Name: San Carlos Apache Tribe 

Requested Amount: $673,890  

Recipient Location: San Carlos, AZ 

Request Explanation: San Carlos Apache Police Department Equipment - This funding will be used by the San Carlos Apache Police Department (SCAPD) for 36 sets of body armor to replace expired body armor. The funding will also be used for a WatchGuard video system providing body worn cameras and in-car video systems to increase accountability and provide evidentiary support. Lastly, the funding will be used for four vehicles to increase SCAPD's capacity to respond to calls and to replace damaged or decommissioned vehicles.

Recipient Name: Sahuarita Police Department

Requested Amount: $250,000 

Recipient Location: Sahuarita, AZ

Request Explanation: Sahuarita Police Department Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle - This would fund the purchase of a Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle for the Sahuarita Police Department, allowing them and their partner agencies to benefit from a quick mobile command center to respond to emergencies, natural disasters, and rescues.

Recipient Name: Town of Prescott Valley 

Requested Amount: $200,000 

Recipient Location: Prescott Valley, AZ 

Request Explanation: Prescott Valley Body Cameras - This will provide body worn cameras for the Prescott Valley Police Department.

Recipient Name: City of Prescott

Requested Amount: $810,000 

Recipient Location: Prescott, AZ

Request Explanation: Prescott Police Department Renovations - This project will renovate and make security improvements to the City of Prescott's Police Department Facilities for the first time in more than 30 years. Funded improvements will address currently inadequate office, storage, and workspaces for the force that is larger than the facilities were designed for.

Recipient Name: Pima County Sheriff's Department 

Requested Amount: $307,732 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ 

Request Explanation: Pima Regional Training Center - This funding will allow the Pima County Sheriff's Office to upgrade the firing ranges at their training center to a safer, more efficient and effective level in order to ensure proper training of their staff, along with partner local, state and federal agencies who use the facility.

Recipient Name: Pima County Sheriff's Department

Requested Amount: $46,941 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Pima County Sheriff's Department Drone Systems - This funding will be used to purchase two drone systems to be used by the Pima Regional SWAT team and the Sheriff's Command Center. The drones will be used to gain intelligence in tactical situations where the situation is hazardous or difficult for a person to enter. They also are able to fly over difficult terrain inaccessible by other means.

Recipient Name: City of Phoenix 

Requested Amount: $2,500,000 

Recipient Location: Phoenix, AZ 

Request Explanation: Phoenix Real Time Crime Technology Center - this will enable Phoenix to acquire a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) to strategically unify the efforts of investigative and field operations to reduce violent crime and better address a myriad of quality of life issues throughout the City of Phoenix. The RTCC, working with federal, state and local partners, will utilize technology-based solutions to support crime resolution by identifying trends or incidents and surging limited personnel and partnerships to address the issue or incident.

Recipient Name: City of Peoria

Requested Amount: $648,000 

Recipient Location: Peoria, AZ

Request Explanation: Peoria Police Command Vehicle - This funding will allow the City of Peoria to purchase a command vehicle to improve the City's overall response, mitigation, and investigation of any incident, to include high stress public safety incidents and other large events throughout the city and area.

Recipient Name: Town of Parker 

Requested Amount: $600,000 

Recipient Location: Parker, AZ 

Request Explanation: Parker Police Department Building - This will expand the Parker Police Department building to accommodate additional officers for a department with a growing demand and that is frequently called upon to assist other departments in the area.

Recipient Name: La Paz County Sheriff's Office

Requested Amount: $115,785

Recipient Location: La Paz County, AZ

Request Explanation: La Paz Jail Vehicle Replacement - The La Paz County Sheriff's Office houses federal inmates and is contractually bound to assist with transportation of these inmates. The county also provides assistance to Border Patrol in transportation of detainees as part of their Operation Stonegarden partnership. The current jail vehicles that are used for prisoner transports have between 200,000 and 300,000 miles on them and are in dire need of replacement. This project will fund the purchase of new jail vehicles for the La Paz County Sheriff's Department.

Recipient Name: Town of Kearny

Requested Amount: $257,245

Recipient Location: Kearny, AZ 

Request Explanation: Kearny Police Department Dispatch Consoles - This would replace two decades-old dispatch consoles that are no longer serviceable to ensure consistent emergency radio communications for dispatch.

Recipient Name: Town of Fountain Hills

Requested Amount: $2,127,977

Recipient Location: Fountain Hills, AZ

Request Explanation: International Dark Sky Discovery Center - This will support the development of a state-of-the-art International Dark Sky Discovery Center (IDSDC) to educate students, support research, and attract visitors to Fountain Hills.

Recipient Name: Graham County

Requested Amount: $140,000

Recipient Location: Safford, AZ

Request Explanation: Graham County Sheriff Vehicles - This project would fund the purchase of two Sheriff's Office vehicles to replace aging vehicles with more than 175,000 miles. These replacement vehicles will improve public safety throughout Graham county.

Recipient Name: City of Somerton

Requested Amount: $97,619

Recipient Location: Somerton, AZ

Request Explanation: City of Somerton Public Safety Equipment - This project will purchase 25 new taser bundles for the Somerton Police Department sworn officers to replace outdated equipment.

Recipient Name: Navajo County

Requested Amount: $1,330,000

Recipient Location: Navajo County, AZ

Request Explanation: Navajo County Public Safety Digital Radio Upgrades - This project will purchase new, digital radios for the Navajo County Sherriff’s Office. The upgraded radio system will replace the outdated analog system, and allow for interoperability between radio networks for other law enforcement networks across the state.

Recipient Name: City of Goodyear

Requested Amount: $330,000

Recipient Location: Goodyear, AZ

Request Explanation: City of Goodyear Police Training Simulator - This funding will allow the City of Glendale to acquire a technologically-advanced platform to train and certify Police Officers in accordance with the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. This technology will allow for annual trainings that promote safe and reliable community policing.

Recipient Name: Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)

Requested Amount: $1,000,000

Recipient Location: Phoenix, AZ

Request Explanation: Arizona Adult Probation Enterprise Tracking System (APETS) Replacement - This project will replace the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts' statewide probationer IT case management system and record repository to provide probation officers with more modern and effective public safety tools to track probationers and connect them with needed services. The system, which relies on software written in 1999, is used to track over 85,000 adults placed on probation statewide.

FISCAL YEAR 2023 Financial Services and General Government APPROPRIATIONS

Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc. (CPLC) 

Requested Amount: $1,104,948

Recipient Location: Mesa AZ

Request Explanation: The project will support women and minority owned small businesses who could not otherwise afford retail space by providing them a space to operate their business. 

Recipient Name: Yavapai College 

Requested Amount: $1,258,338  

Recipient Location: Prescott Valley, AZ  

Request Explanation: Yavapai College Career Services Center - This will renovate a portion of the college's Prescott Valley Center into a Career Services Center to better prepare students to enter the workforce and connect Arizona employers with students to help them fill in-demand jobs that fit their skill sets. 

Recipient Name: Coconino County

Requested Amount: $1,000,000 

Recipient Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Request Explanation: The Coconino County Digital Transformation Initiative would seek to digitize and modernize Coconino County's historical and public records for public inquiry and examination.

Recipient Name: Diné College 

Requested Amount: $1,075,000   

Recipient Location: Tsaile, AZ   

Request Explanation: Dine College Technology Transfer Center - This would create a technology transfer center at the only college dedicated to serving the Navajo Nation. The unemployment rate on the Navajo Nation is near fifty percent, and a technology transfer center would help spur entrepreneurship, get students critical experience, and provide economic opportunities.  


Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Requested Amount: $200,000 

Recipient Location: Maricopa County, AZ

Request Explanation: Cave Buttes Dam Feasibility Study - The Cave Buttes Dam is a 110-foot high, 2,260-foot long earthen dam constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers that protects more than over one million downstream residents from five municipalities and $15 billion in residential and commercial property from flooding. This study would help determine the feasibility of installing a filter-drain system to protect the dam from seepage to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. 

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $3,000,000 

Recipient Location: Coconino County, AZ  

Request Explanation: Fort Tuthill Water-Sewer Replacement - This project will replace old water and sewer lines at Fort Tuthill, a regional destination for tourism and recreation. The current water lines servicing the region were built in 1929 and need replacement. 

Recipient Name: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

Requested Amount:  $1,875,000 

Recipient Location: Douglas, AZ

Request Explanation: City of Douglas New Water Well - This project would construct a new water well to provide access to potable water for the port of entry, Cochise College, and the surrounding areas while also enhancing economic development opportunities in the area. The design of this project includes a phased capital investment approach where the sewer connection will be established, in conjunction with the construction of a new potable water well. 


Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Coconino County 

Requested Amount: $1,578,209 

Recipient Location: Coconino County, AZ

Request Explanation: Coconino County Emergency Management Enhancements - the largest county in Arizona with portions of four national forests and a national park, Coconino County has a large responsibility to prevent, respond to, and lead recovery from disasters including fires and flooding. This project would allow the county to carry out enhancements identified in their Hazard Mitigation Plan to their existing Emergency Operations Center/Joint Information Center, and Policy Breakout Command and Control and situational awareness capabilities. 


Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Morris Air National Guard Base 

Requested Amount: $10,000,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Morris ANGB Main Gate Construction – This project would provide additional resources to the Air Force to relocate the main gate at the Morris Air National Guard Base to address security risks and reduce congestion.

Recipient Name: Yuma Proving Ground

Requested Amount: $5,900,000

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ  

Request Explanation: Yuma Proving Ground Radar Operations & Maintenance Facility – This project would construct a 10,000 square foot Radar Operations and Maintenance facility to sustain and maintain highly complex radar systems which are critical to operations at Yuma Proving Ground. Construction of this facility will allow YPG to support many current and future testing missions for the Army. 

Recipient Name: MCAS Yuma 

Requested Amount: $28,745,000 

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ

Request Explanation: MCAS Yuma Water Treatment Plant – This project will construct a new water treatment plant to serve the Marine Corps Air Station at Yuma. The current water treatment plant was built in 1947 and is in dire need of replacement to guarantee water quality for Marines and their families.

Recipient Name: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base 

Requested Amount: $8,000,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Davis Monthan AFB 610th CACS Command & Control Facility – This project will replace the facilities used by the 610th Command and Control Squadron based at Davis-Monthan AFB. The current facility cannot support the personnel needs of the squadron. 

Recipient Name: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base 

Requested Amount: $7,500,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Davis-Monthan AFB Combat Rescue Helicopter Simulator – This project will allow Davis-Monthan AFB to acquire a Combat Rescue Helicopter Simulator to train aircrew members for combat rescue helicopter missions. Davis-Monthan is at risk of having its personnel be unable to meet minimum graduate program requirements needed for the aircraft assigned to the installation, which would impact operational capabilities. This simulator would address that and increase  readiness while reducing the need for costly off base training.

Recipient Name: Yuma Proving Ground 

Requested Amount: $6,500,000 

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ

Request Explanation: Yuma Proving Ground Ready Building – This project will ensure the Army has the necessary resources to construct a new ready building. That will provide permanent facilities and infrastructure for living and sleeping areas for an average daily load of 202 students attending the Military Free Fall School at Yuma Proving Ground in support of U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Recipient Name: Morris Air National Guard Base 

Requested Amount: $9,400,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Morris ANGB Aircraft Arresting System – This project will allow the Air National Guard to install a new aircraft arresting system, which can slow down landing fighter aircraft in emergency situations, at a runway at the Morris Air National Guard Base, to support ongoing operations at the facility.

Recipient Name: Morris Air National Guard Base 

Requested Amount: $20,000,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Morris ANGB Munitions Storage Complex – This project will allow for the Air National Guard to acquire land and construct a new munitions storage area at the Morris Air National Guard Base. The current storage area is not able to meet minimum safety, security, and capacity requirements.


Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: City of Page

Requested Amount: $3,432,000

Recipient Location: Page, AZ

Request Explanation: As Lake Powell’s water elevation continues to fall, the City of Page requires a new water intake pipeline in order to ensure a reliable water supply for its residents. 

Recipient Name: Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District

Requested Amount: $2,461,000

Recipient Location: Eloy, AZ  

Request Explanation: Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District - This funding will help complete final design and construction of infrastructure to allow groundwater to be delivered throughout the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District. This phase includes decoupling and replumbing two canals, which will support water delivery within central Pinal County. 

Recipient Name: Maricopa-Stanfield Irrigation and Drainage District 

Requested Amount: $3,274,000 

Recipient Location: Maricopa, AZ

Request Explanation: Pinal County Groundwater Conveyance - This funding will complete final design and construction of an initial phase of a new water delivery system for groundwater in central Pinal County. As the region faces reductions in water from the Colorado River, this project ensures groundwater can be conveyed throughout the irrigation district. 

Recipient Name: City of Douglas 

Requested Amount: $840,000 

Recipient Location: Douglas, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Douglas seeks a new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition computer water management system to conserve water and improve efficiency in operations. 

Recipient Name: Pima County 

Requested Amount: $2,000,000 

Recipient Location: Flowing Wells, AZ

Request Explanation: Pima County intends to construct a drainage structure under the Union Pacific Railroad embankment to help avoid flooding issues near an area with predominantly low-income housing and industrial facilities. 

Recipient Name: City of Somerton

Requested Amount: $380,000

Recipient Location: Somerton, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Somerton requests funding to repair its drinking water delivery system.

Recipient Name: City of Goodyear

Requested Amount: $400,000 

Recipient Location: Goodyear, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Goodyear seeks to update its water meter infrastructure with Advanced Meter Infrastructure to provide customers with more detailed information about their water use to promote water conservation.

Recipient Name: City of Chandler 

Requested Amount: $3,007,000 

Recipient Location: Chandler, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Chandler requests assistance in purchasing membrane filters for its new ten million gallon-per-day interconnect conveyance and treatment facility. 

Recipient Name: City of Somerton

Requested Amount: $673,000 

Recipient Location: Somerton, AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Somerton seeks to replace its asbestos-concrete lined water lines with new PVC material and update fire hydrant foundations and hydrants.

Recipient Name: U.S. Forest Service, Tonto National Forest 

Requested Amount: $3,000,000 

Recipient Location: Young, AZ

Request Explanation: Forest Road 512 - This will apply an all-weather surface to a portion of Young Road, which is the sole access to the community of Young. This all-weather surface is needed to ensure that residents, visitors, and emergency services can access the community for work, emergencies, or services including a planned veterans center. 

Recipient Name: Hopi Tribe

Requested Amount: $1,500,000

Recipient Location: Upper Moenkopi Village & Lower Moencopi Village

Request Explanation: Hopi Water Transmission Line - this would build a water transmission line and accompanying pump house, tank, and fencing to transfer water from Pasture Canyon to Upper Moenkopi Village and the Village of Moencopi for the Hopi Tribe. 

Recipient Name: Town of Gilbert

Requested Amount: $1,900,000

Recipient Location: Gilbert, AZ

Request Explanation: The Town of Gilbert seeks to modernize its water meters with new technology to help residents more easily access information about their water use to promote water conservation. 

Recipient Name: Town of Jerome

Requested Amount: $1,134,000

Recipient Location: Jerome, AZ

Request Explanation: Jerome Water Line Improvements - this will improve reliability by replacing aging water lines that are leaky and inadequate to serve the town's current population. 

FISCAL YEAR 2023 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, 
and Related Agencies APPROPRIATIONS

Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Northern Arizona Healthcare 

Requested Amount: $5,600,000 

Recipient Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Request Explanation: Northern Arizona Healthcare Wound Care Center – This project will fund the construction and purchase of equipment to support a wound care center at Northern Arizona Healthcare’s hospital in Flagstaff, AZ. The wound care center will be able to utilize the best and latest treatments and equipment for wound care.

Recipient Name: AZ Western College

Requested Amount: $1,723,630

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ  

Request Explanation: This project will provide retired Marines with technical skills to start new careers in in-demand fields after their military service concludes.

Recipient Name: Pima Community College

Requested Amount: $1,231,600 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Pima Community College Center of Excellence in Applied Technology - This funding will enable Pima Community College to purchase equipment to expand its workforce training programs for commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration competencies. This new program will make PCC one of very few colleges and technical schools that will be able to more fully train and prepare students to start careers in the industry and to reskill/upskill technicians already employed in the industry, both serving employers and strengthening the regional economy.

Recipient Name: Navajo Nation Division of Social Services

Requested Amount: $4,171,024 

Recipient Location: Tuba City, AZ

Request Explanation: Tuba City Domestic Violence Shelter – This project will construct a new domestic violence shelter to serve the Tuba City region. The new, 24-bed domestic violence shelter will be administered by the Navajo Department of Family Services and operated in close proximity to the Tuba City Hospital.

Recipient Name: Maricopa County Community College District

Requested Amount: $1,815,000 

Recipient Location: Phoenix, AZ

Request Explanation: Maricopa Community College District Biomedical Technician Program – This project will allow the Maricopa Community College District to establish a biomedical technician training program at the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus. This program will work to address shortages of health care workers in the Phoenix area. 

Recipient Name: City of Kingman 

Requested Amount: $170,884 

Recipient Location: Kingman, AZ

Request Explanation: City of Kingman Automated External Defibrillators – This project will help the City of Kingman purchase 50 replacement Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) which will replace aging AEDs used by the fire department and allow for a greater deployment of AEDs in the community.

Recipient Name: Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District 

Requested Amount: $211,105 

Recipient Location: Camp Verde, AZ

Request Explanation: Copper Canyon Fire District Ambulance – This project will replace an aging ambulance for the Copper Canyon Fire District, a large and rural fire district. The current ambulance is more than 15 years old and is in need of significant maintenance to continue operating.

Recipient Name: Pima County

Requested Amount: $2,700,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Pima County Collaborative One Stop Center at Pima Community College – This project will allow Pima County to operate a new American Job Center at a facility adjacent to Pima Community College, to help job-seekers access workforce placement programs, or gain access to workforce training programs at Pima Community College. 

Recipient Name: City of Surprise 

Requested Amount: $1,000,000 

Recipient Location: Surprise, AZ

Request Explanation: Northwest Valley Multigenerational Community Resource Center – This funding will support the construction of the Northwest Valley Multigenerational Community Resource Center. This center will house the Surprise Senior Center, which provides health and wellness programing and support groups for elderly residents living in the region.

Recipient Name: Pima County JTED #11

Requested Amount: $3,000,000 

Recipient Location: Tucson, AZ

Request Explanation: Pima JTED Medical Careers High School - this will support the creation of a high school dedicated to preparing students for careers in medical and health care professions, getting them the skills to immediately fill vacancies in hospitals, labs, and offices or to pursue higher education in health care. This will partner with industry to address low staffing levels in Arizona health care.   

Recipient Name: Highlands Fire District 

Requested Amount: $158,000 

Recipient Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Request Explanation: Highlands Fire District Equipment - this will acquire protective equipment, hydraulic extraction tools, and mobile tablets to protect firefighters and provide more responsive services to patients.

Recipient Name: Creek Valley Health Clinic

Requested Amount: $950,000

Recipient Location: Colorado CIty, AZ

Request Explanation: Colorado City Training Center - this will build a community-wide training center near the town's current health clinic to host trauma-informed care, mental health first aid, parenting, policing, and other training programs to support the community and get Arizonans skills they need.

Recipient Name: Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. 

Requested Amount: $983,265 

Recipient Location: Douglas, AZ

Request Explanation: Rural Mobile Mammography Unit - Every year, thousands of at-risk women in Cochise County don't receive recommended screening mammograms due to distance and other barriers. Chiricahua Community Health Centers will change this reality with the strategic deployment of a state-of-the-art Mobile Mammography Unit that will seek to screen 100% of eligible women regardless of ability to pay. 

Recipient Name: Benson Hospital

Requested Amount: $2,250,000

Recipient Location: Benson, AZ

Request Explanation: Mobile MRI for Cochise County - This will fund a mobile MRI for Cochise County, a large and rural county in Southern Arizona, for use by three nonprofit community health systems to better diagnose and care for patients. 

Recipient Name: Arizona Western College Workforce Development and CTE department 

Requested Amount: $1,000,000 

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ

Request Explanation: Arizona Western College Workforce Development - This program will allow Arizona Western College to create a specialized workforce training program for electrical technicians. This will assist in decreasing the number of unemployed electrical professionals in the area.

Recipient Name: Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley

Requested Amount: $522,248

Recipient Location: Yuma, AZ

Request Explanation: This project covers the first 18 months of operations for the reopening of the Yuma Boys & Girls Club at $733,623. Secured funding for this timeframe is currently $211,375. We have committed support from the City of Yuma for $100,00 and estimated program fees income of $111,375. BGCAZ is requesting support to fund the remaining $522,248.

Recipient Name: AZ Advances Talent

Requested Amount: $1,500,000 

Recipient Location: Phoenix, AZ

Request Explanation: AZ Advances Talent will use funding to establish internships in the life science and healthcare sectors and make opportunities available to all students in an inclusive and accessible manner. 

Recipient Name: Coconino County

Requested Amount: $1,000,000

Recipient Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Request Explanation: Coconino County seeks to develop two drive-through windows at its services center in order to help residents better access County services, especially during inclement weather such as  snowstorms.