Certificate of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Superstition Fire & Medical District

Requested Amount: $116

Recipient Location: Apache Junction AZ

Request Explanation: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Device Implementation: This funding will be used for implementation of a CPR device that provides high quality compressions delivered automatically, allowing first responders to expedite the use of other lifesaving tools and therefore enhance the survivability of patients who are in cardiac arrest. 

Recipient Name: Be A Leader Foundation

Requested Amount: $188

Recipient Location: Maricopa County AZ

Request Explanation: Project funding for the Class of 2020 and 2021 PostsecondaryRe-Engagement Project will allow Be A Leader to target graduates from two of the most diverse high school districts in Arizona and provide them with individualized support with the financial aid and postsecondary application process, and support through their first semester of college. 

Recipient Name: Creighton University

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: Eight new simulation labs are planned as part of the new Creighton University Health Sciences and Medical School Campus in Phoenix to assist in the University’s commitment to train the next generation of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, and therapists in the southwest and to support clinical partners Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital andMedical Center, District Medical Group, and Valley wise Health. 

Recipient Name: Valley of the Sun United Way

Requested Amount: $261

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: This request would help early grade students in Maricopa County who are struggling with reading, by providing them with increased access to digital reading materials and one-to-one online tutoring with a trained volunteer.The funding would allow for the expansion of the Vello Online Tutoring program from 40 classrooms to 47 classrooms, ultimately providing this service to 1,175 students for an entire school year.

Recipient Name: Arizona Hospitality Academy

Requested Amount: $1,109

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: The Arizona Hospitality Academy will train people in hospitality work, digital and employability skills, and language instruction. Our 11 hospitality vocational training programs will provide students with the technical and soft skills necessary to succeed in housekeeping, food and beverage, front of the house, and back of the house jobs. All students will complete digital skills and employability training to prepare for and succeed in an evolving job market. 

Recipient Name: Terros, Inc. DBA Terros Health

Requested Amount: $900

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: The Terros Health McDowell Health Center project is to expand services andincrease the patient capacity in the underserved areas near this FederallyQualified Health Center. 

Recipient Name: Southwest Human Development

Requested Amount: $250

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: RIF/SWHD will implement a high-quality plan to support childhood literacy that includes book distributions, literacy activities, teacher support, and parent involvement, reaching 19,500 elementary children in need. RIF’s 5decades of literacy expertise has enabled the organization to create a model for impact that is customizable, scalable and sustainable. RIF will help students build their home libraries and expand their books access through a mix of print and digital books.

Recipient Name: Williamson Valley Fire and Mayer Fire Districts

Requested Amount: $160

Recipient Location: Prescott AZ

Request Explanation: 15-Lead Cardiac Monitors: This funding will be used to purchase six 15-leadcardiac monitors (three each) for Williamson Valley Fire District and MayerFire District. Both fire districts have Intergovernmental Agreements in placefor shared resources and are managed by the same Fire Chief.

Recipient Name: Fry Fire District

Requested Amount: $105

Recipient Location: Sierra Vista AZ

Request Explanation: Fry Fire District Cardiac Monitors: This funding will be used to purchase cardiac monitors so the fire district, which has been stretched to assist withCOVID-19 in the community, can continue to provide adequate emergency services.

Recipient Name: The Arizona Technology Council Foundation

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Tempe AZ

Request Explanation: The proposed project will support the cultivation of Regional STEMEcosystem Hubs led by local leaders and organizations, and communities of practice (COPs) around key focus areas, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); STEM literacy; workforce skills; and STEM learning and teaching tools, among others. Strengthening the Ecosystem will provide important opportunities for 1) uniting Arizona communities across diverse geographic and economic boundaries, 3) transforming the current STEM landscape, 3) leveraging state investments in STEM, and 4) opening opportunities for federal entities to invest and engage in eco system activities. 

Recipient Name: Tuba City Regional Health Care Center

Requested Amount: $3,000

Recipient Location: Tuba City AZ

Request Explanation: Tuba City Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing and Cancer Treatment: theNavajo Nation lacks the capacity to adequately provide long-term care, skilled nursing, and oncology services, requiring many Navajo seniors to travel long distances and even move off of the Nation in order to access them. This project would fund the construction of facilities on the NavajoNation to care for seniors so that they can age with dignity near their families.

Recipient Name: Pima County Community College District

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: Pima Community College Flexible Industry Training: This funding will provide the equipment needed for the Flexible Industry Training (FIT) Lab at PimaCounty College’s new Center of Excellence in Applied Technology, ranging from 3D scanners and printers, to foundry and casting equipment, to electronic assembly tools, laser cutters, robotic arms and probes, and electronic wiring trainers. This center will partner with business and industry to train and up skill employees with the skills to meet the needs of the labor market and get good-paying jobs.

Recipient Name: La Frontera

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: Funding would be used for developing in-school and community centered programming and academic based peer specialist programming for at-risk youth in need of social and emotional community education programming, with expansion of the collaboration of Youth Rising, YouthForce and LaFrontera programming to additional schools and communities and ensuring the importance of education opportunities for at-risk youth, who are underserved, at-risk of failing to graduate or fulfill their potential, through expansion of the collaboration of Youth Rising, YouthForce and La Frontera programing to additional schools and communities.

Recipient Name: Yuma Multiversity Campus Corporation

Requested Amount: $2,500

Recipient Location: Yuma AZ

Request Explanation: Yuma Multiversity Campus - Expanding Higher Education Access andSuccess: These funds will be used to leverage local investments to develop curriculum and programming for area students. The Yuma MultiversityCampus Corporation works with local employers to ensure local students are receiving degrees and training necessary for the local economy. 

* Amounts requested below (000).

Fiscal Year 2022 energy and water development Appropriations

Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $3,000

Recipient Location: Winslow AZ

Request Explanation: This funding will cover planning, engineering, and design costs for the Little Colorado River at Winslow Levee project in Winslow, AZ. The project was authorized in WRDA 2020.

Recipient Name: Bureau of Reclamation

Requested Amount: $1,125

Recipient Location: Maricopa County AZ

Request Explanation: This funding would be used to conduct a feasibility study of the viable alternatives identified in the appraisal study in order to make recommendations to Congress on climate change adaptation solutions in the Verde River basin. Identifying and implementing a viable solution will ensure effective management of central Arizona’s water supplies, in light of impacts expected from climate change, for more than two million residents that reside in communities in central Arizona.

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers 

Requested Amount: $200

Recipient Location: Douglas AZ

Request Explanation: Rose and Palm Garden Washes Small Flood Control Project: Douglas, a community that relies on tourism and cross-border trade through its port of entry, experiences significant flooding in the Rose and Palm Garden washes and oftentimes much of the City can be under a foot of water or more. This flood control project is necessary to protect the area and the international trade that drives the region’s economy.

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $200

Recipient Location: Cave Creek AZ

Request Explanation: The Cave Buttes Dam is a 110-foot high, 2,260-foot long earthen dam constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers that protects more than over one million downstream residents from five municipalities and $15 billion in residential and commercial property from flooding. This study would help determine the feasibility of using the District is proposing installation of a
filter-drain system to protect the dam from seepage to reduce the risk of
catastrophic failure.

Recipient Name: Bureau of Reclamation

Requested Amount: $4,145

Recipient Location: Florence AZ

Request Explanation: San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District Canal Rehabilitation: This funding will allow for the removal and replacement of bridges and utility infrastructure above the Florence Canal as part of a three year project to line an SCIDD is in the first year of a three-year lining project for an 11.25-mile reach of the Florence Canal.

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $200

Recipient Location: Buckeye AZ

Request Explanation: The McMicken Dam is a 9.5 mile structure that protects Luke Air Force Base, 130,000 residents, and critical transportation infrastructure from flooding. Because of its age and natural factors, a rehabilitation of the dam is required to continue protecting this region from flooding.

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $750

Recipient Location: Globe AZ

Request Explanation: The McCormick Wash is a nearly century old earthen tunnel that has fallen into disrepair and partially collapsed due to erosion. It is only a matter of time until it collapses further, threatening catastrophic flooding to the city of Globe. This funding will jumpstart a flood control project to protect the city from flooding, an investment which would protect the federal government from more costly mitigations caused by a potential flood.

Recipient Name: US Army Corps of Engineers

Requested Amount: $125

Recipient Location: Florence AZ

Request Explanation: The proposed project is to continue the Lower Santa Cruz River Feasibility Study with a focus on the Eloy Levee/Channel project, under the Army Corps’ Section 205 Continuing Authorities Program. According to the Corps of Engineer’s draft feasibility study, the Eloy Levee/Channel is which is designed to an approximately a 20,000 linear foot structure that has the capacity to mitigate Santa Cruz River flooding for the community of Eloy, Pinal County, Arizona.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: City of Superior

Requested Amount: $2,000

Recipient Location: Superior AZ

Request Explanation: This funding will allow the Town of Superior to create an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to stimulate new businesses, a workforce training center to train residents in the high-paying skilled trades in demand in local industries, and a full-service multigenerational center to attract workers to new industry jobs and to live in the community.

Recipient Name: Town of Chino Valley

Requested Amount: $1,200

Recipient Location: Chino Valley AZ

Request Explanation: The Rodeo Drive project will provide commercial development opportunities by upgrading a 200 acre business park with water, sewer and electric services.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Cochise County Sheriff's Office

Requested Amount: $247

Recipient Location: Cochise County AZ

Request Explanation: This funding will be used to implement a new monitoring program to help with searches in remote areas. Funding will also be used to purchase ballistic shields to protect personnel from gunfire, safety and radio equipment to support Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers, and a large capacity prisoner transport vehicle.

Recipient Name: City of Glendale Arizona

Requested Amount: $715

Recipient Location: Glendale AZ

Request Explanation: Glendale AZ Public Safety Mobile Command Center: The current Mobile Command Center was configured in the year 2000 and is outdated, lacking proper communications equipment, making it unable to adequately meet the public safety needs of the community. A new Mobile Command Center would provide updated technology to serve law enforcement functions and also serve as a backup Emergency Operations Center for frequent large events and potential natural disasters in the region.

Recipient Name: Lake Havasu City (Local Government)

Requested Amount: $2,250

Recipient Location: Lake Havasu City AZ

Request Explanation: Lake Havasu City Police Station and Jail Refurbishment: This funding will upgrade and rehabilitate the nearly 30 year old police station and jail to provide a new roof, and HVAC system, replace the existing cast iron waste system, and flooring, and upgrade the jail cells, doors, locks and fire safety system.

Recipient Name: Town of Mammoth

Requested Amount: $140

Recipient Location: Mammoth AZ

Request Explanation: Town of Mammoth Public Safety Patrol Vehicles: This funding will be used to provide much needed updated patrol vehicles for the Town of Mammoth. The current patrol cars are damaged and unreliable.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma

Requested Amount: $29,300

Recipient Location: Yuma AZ

Request Explanation: Combat Training Tank Complex, MCAS Yuma: This project would construct a combat training tank and applied instruction building at MCAS Yuma to support combat water survival training and mandatory bi-annual swim qualifications for Marines and Sailors. The applied instruction building includes classrooms, administration and lifeguard offices, equipment storage, locker/shower rooms, medical rooms, and utility/mechanical areas for the tank.

Recipient Name: Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma

Requested Amount: $99,600

Recipient Location: Yuma AZ

Request Explanation: Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, MCAS Yuma: This funding would allow for construction of a much-needed new multi-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, including 304 rooms to house 608 Marines, requiring parking facilities, and recreation facilities for permanent enlisted personnel. These billeting quarters at MCAS Yuma would help maintain unit integrity by avoiding either housing personnel in unsafe billets or housing them off base.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: General Services Administration

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Nogales AZ

Request Explanation: Feasibility Study for DeConcini Port of Entry: This study will allow for better understanding of the challenges and opportunities needed to improve the efficiency of trade and travel, as well as port security, if the DeConcini Port of Entry goes through a remodel and update. The DeConcini Port is an important pedestrian and personal vehicle land port of entry and has not seen updates since the 1990s.

Recipient Name: City of Tempe

Requested Amount: $500

Recipient Location: Tempe AZ

Request Explanation: This project encourages the development of micro manufacturing in Tempe by helping entrepreneurs, with a focus on entrepreneurs of color, overcome the greatest obstacles to start-up manufacturing space and capital. Working with Tempe-based co-manufacturing solutions provider MAC6, LISC Arizona, Arizona State University, and entrepreneur coaches at Hustle, Phoenix.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Glendale Municipal Airport

Requested Amount: $2,070

Recipient Location: Glendale AZ

Request Explanation: Funding will be used to reconstruct the approximately 30,000 square foot South Apron of the terminal at the Glendale Arizona Municipal Airport. The city of Glendale’s pavement management engineers have determined that the pavement that makes up the apron has severally deteriorated and is a safety concern for aircraft due to high degrees of foreign object debris (FOB).

Recipient Name: City of Kingman

Requested Amount: $1,900

Recipient Location: Kingman AZ

Request Explanation: Stockton Hill Road is one of the main thoroughfares through downtown Kingman, and has become congested as population has grown. Widening the road has been a longtime city priority to reduce congestion and improve the local economy.

Recipient Name: Hopi Tribe

Requested Amount: $2,000

Recipient Location: Kykotsmovi Village AZ

Request Explanation: The Hopi Tribe is seeking federal funding to lay asphalt mill and a two-inch overlay in addition to the installation of traffic control devices and striping.

Recipient Name: City of Mesa, AZ

Requested Amount: $300

Recipient Location: Mesa AZ

Request Explanation: This program will enable the City of Mesa to attract and retain small businesses in its downtown corridor, leading to increased sales for locally owned establishments and revitalization within a federally designated Opportunity Zone and major public transportation corridor.

Recipient Name: City of Phoenix

Requested Amount: $2,745

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Phoenix plans to deploy the region’s first electric transit buses. The City of Phoenix seeks to purchase six 40-foot electric buses for planned fleet replacements.

Recipient Name: Deer Valley Airport

Requested Amount: $1,400

Recipient Location: Phoenix AZ

Request Explanation: The asphalt in question requires crack repair, as well as a seal coat preservation treatment. Not only will this address the safety concerns expressed by airport tenants but will also extend the life of the asphalt.

Recipient Name: Tohono O'odham Nation

Requested Amount: $750

Recipient Location: Sells AZ

Request Explanation: The Nation plans to use funds to support construction and development of a permanent Children’s Home on the Nation’s Reservation, which would comprise three group homes for young children, boys and girls, respectively. The group home would allow the Nation to provide housing, care and support for children ranging in age from newborn through 18 years old, who are in the custody of the Nation’s Department of Health and Human Services, Child Welfare Division, because they cannot safely remain in their own homes due to abuse or neglect.

Recipient Name: City of Tucson

Requested Amount: $800

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: The City of Tucson Willard Apartments Improvement Project consists of eight (8) units of affordable housing for the most vulnerable in Tucson.

Recipient Name: Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Requested Amount: $890

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: The Pascua Yaqui Tribe plans a 3,000 square foot renovation to the Tribe's San Ignacio Health Facility located at 785 W Sahuaro St. in Tucson, AZ. This building once complete will provide readily available services in social work, health care, food and PPE distribution, and additional senior care to the Pascua Yaqui and Hispanic community in central Tucson, AZ.

Recipient Name: Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Requested Amount: $840

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is requesting federal funds to construct a Children’s Education & Cultural Center in the town of Guadalupe, AZ. This 9,200, two story facility will utilize existing Pascua Yaqui educational programs targeted towards disadvantaged youth to supplement their existing education to ensure disadvantaged children are not left behind.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: City of Chandler

Requested Amount: $900

Recipient Location: Chandler AZ

Request Explanation: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems allow for smart meters to collect utility consumption data in real time via a system of network devices and data backhaul. The City of Chandler is hoping to couple local investments with a partnership with the federal government for the purchase and installation of 33 network devices to complete this innovative project. In an AMI system, network devices are the portion of the network infrastructure that is strategically placed throughout the City to collect meter reads and data on a continuous basis an improvement from the current process, where data can only be obtained monthly using a drive-by device or by obtaining a visual read.

Recipient Name: City of Flagstaff

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Flagstaff AZ

Request Explanation: Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project: Forests of the Intermountain West are threatened by a convergence of two significant factors: unnatural overstocking with small trees and weather conditions that contribute to the increasing severity, size and frequency of catastrophic wildfire. The combination of excess forest fuels, combined with the certainty of lightningand human-caused ignitions, guarantee there will always be fire in our forests. The City of Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP) aims to tackle those challenging elements of restoring forests within high threat areas, providing greater protection for the Flagstaff community from the health, public safety and economic impacts of fires and floods.

Recipient Name: Gila County

Requested Amount: $609

Recipient Location: Gila County AZ

Request Explanation: Gila County Wildland Fire Prevention: this funding would allow Gila County to do necessary maintenance on and continue operation of a system of water tanks and bladders in the area that allow for aerial firefighting in partnership with the Tonto National Forest and local fire districts to quickly respond to new fires. This capability is essential to protect life and property in an area prone to wildfires, and to squash fires early, saving on firefighting and recovery costs.

Recipient Name: City of Glendale, Arizona

Requested Amount: $2,000

Recipient Location: Glendale AZ

Request Explanation: Glendale Water Supply Inter-Connects: this funding would support a project to interconnect Glendale, Peoria, and Phoenix’s water supplies to allow for the transfer of water between jurisdictions. Currently, such a transfer is not possible, and due to the varied sources for the city’s water supplies, it is a critical capability in the event that one of the water supplies is limited or shut off.

Recipient Name: Mohave County

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Kingman AZ

Request Explanation: Bank Street Channel Stormwater Control Project: This funding will be used to divert stormwater to the existing Mohave Channel, which will alleviate flooding issues along Bank Street in front of the Kingman High School.

Recipient Name: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Requested Amount: $3,300

Recipient Location: Nogales AZ

Request Explanation: Halting Cross-Border Drug Smuggling & Protecting Nogales Wastewater Infrastructure: This project would fund the installation of a screening device to prevent cross-border drug smuggling through the International Outfall Interceptor (IOI) in Nogales, AZ. The IOI is a failing wastewater pipeline which often spills raw effluent into the streets of Nogales. Local stakeholders recently agreed upon a plan to rehabilitate the pipeline, but in order to protect the pipe from future disruptions, a device must be installed to prevent cross-border drug trafficking, which harms the structural integrity of the pipeline.

Recipient Name: Pima County

Requested Amount: $500

Recipient Location: Pima County AZ

Request Explanation: Mission Garden, located the foot of Sentinel Peak, on the west side of Tucson, is the site of the Native American village of S-cuk Son (Chuk Shon), a place sacred to the Tohono O’odham that gave Tucson its name. Capital improvement investment in Mission Garden will galvanize continued local support and leverage public/private participation to ensure and maintain historical preservation and education at the Birthplace of Tucson site.

Recipient Name: United States Forest Service

Requested Amount: $472

Recipient Location: Young AZ

Request Explanation: Forrest Road 512: This funding will allow for planning of applying an all-weather surface to Young Road, which is the sole access to the community of Young. This all-weather surface is needed to ensure that residents, visitors, and emergency services can access the community for work, emergencies, or services including a planned veterans center.


Certification of Financial Disclosure

Recipient Name: Bullhead City Fire Department

Requested Amount: $1,375

Recipient Location: Bullhead City AZ

Request Explanation: Bullhead City Fire Department Radio Upgrades: This funding will allow the Bullhead City Fire Department to upgrade its radio equipment, which will enable improved communication within the department and with partner agencies in California, Nevada, and the federal government.

Recipient Name: Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District

Requested Amount: $1,375

Recipient Location: Camp Verde AZ

Request Explanation: Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District: The Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District will use this funding to upgrade their nearly 30 year old ladder truck that no longer meets the needs of the community, and is beyond the recommended 20-year replacement window, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.

Recipient Name: Crown King Fire District

Requested Amount: $150

Recipient Location: Crown King AZ

Request Explanation: Crown King Fire District Wildland Fire Equipment: The Crown King Fire District will use this funding for wildfire response equipment, to be able to better respond to fires and protect the properties of residents and visitors.

Recipient Name: Highlands Fire District

Requested Amount: $150

Recipient Location: Flagstaff AZ

Request Explanation: Highlands Fire District Type 6 Wildland Fire Engine: This funding will be used to replace their outdated, unreliable, and unsafe type 6 wildland fire engine so they can best protect the community from wildfires.

Recipient Name: Pinal County

Requested Amount: $250

Recipient Location: Florence AZ

Request Explanation: Pinal County Emergency Operation Center Technology: This funding will assist with the renovation of Pinal County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), which will improve operational coordination, communication, and public information for one of the fastest growing counties in Arizona.

Recipient Name: Mt. Lemmon Fire District

Requested Amount: $1,992

Recipient Location: Mt. Lemmon AZ

Request Explanation: Mt Lemmon Fire District Fire Station Expansion and Remodel: This funding will be used to renovate and expand their current fire station so that it meets the minimum requirement for occupational safety and health for personnel living and working onsite.

Recipient Name: Pine-Strawberry Fire District

Requested Amount: $2,150

Recipient Location: Pine AZ

Request Explanation: Fire Station Replacement Program Pine-Strawberry Fire District: This funding will be used to replace one wildfire engine and improve the fire station so it can best protect the community from fires.

Recipient Name: City of Sedona

Requested Amount: $900

Recipient Location: Sedona AZ

Request Explanation: Emergency Operations Center-Police Remodel and Renovations: The current police station was never designed as a critical, 24-hour public safety facility and the increased police personnel, equipment, and work space needed to serve a growing community and destination have outgrown the current facility design and footprint. This funding request will expedite the renovation and remodeling of the existing site to meet the needs of the police department and serve as a small emergency operations center (EOC).

Recipient Name: Pima County Sheriff's Department

Requested Amount: $1,000

Recipient Location: Tucson AZ

Request Explanation: Pima Regional Incident Management Exchange: Pima County’s current Mobile Command Center is outdated, lacking adequate space and technology. This funding would provide a new mobile command vehicle to enable coordination and communication between local and federal law enforcement during large events and disasters.