Sinema: Resources for Small Businesses, Hospitals, Testing are Necessary Next Step

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema released the following statement supporting the Senate’s coronavirus relief package providing critical resources for Arizona’s businesses, hospitals, and testing capacity. 

“Today’s critical support for small businesses and hospitals is a necessary next step, and more must be done. I’ll continue working across the aisle to get Arizona the support needed to save lives and livelihoods. Everyday Arizonans are doing their part to overcome this crisis; the federal government must do the same,” said Sinema.

Today’s Senate-passed package includes:

  • $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program
  • $60 billion for smaller, disadvantaged businesses
  • $60 billion for Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) and grants
  • $75 billion for health care providers
  • $25 billion for testing, including $11 billion directly to states

Sinema has been holding weekly calls with Arizona small business owners on which she hears directly about the need for increased resources. Sinema called for an increase to the Paycheck Protection Program two weeks ago, and has continually advocated for increased funding for Arizona small businesses. Sinema also called on the Small Business Administration and the Treasury Secretary to increase funding for the EIDL program.

Sinema has also been holding regular calls with Arizona mayors, county leaders, hospitals, and rural health care providers, and she heard directly from Arizona providers that more coronavirus testing was needed. Additionally, many mayors asked for a national testing strategy. Sinema worked to include additional funding for testing and a national strategic testing plan outlining the assistance that will be provided to states for testing and increasing testing capacity in the bill.

Sinema helped secure a number of priorities in the sweeping coronavirus-response CARES Act law, including:

  • $150 billion relief fund for state, local, and Tribal governments
  • $55 billion more in investments in hospitals and health care workers
  • an increase in unemployment benefits

Sinema recently wrote an op-ed outlining Arizona needs she is working to include in the next coronavirus-response legislation.

For full text of the Senate's coronavirus response legislation, click HERE.

Senate Advances Sinema-Shaped Coronavirus Response Package Providing Relief for Arizona

Sinema helped secure massive investment in Arizona’s hospitals and health care workers; immediate assistance for Arizona families, small businesses, and workers; resources for Tribal and local governments across Arizona

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Senate today advanced a sweeping coronavirus response bill shaped by Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema, which includes massive investments in Arizona’s hospitals and health care workers and immediate economic assistance for Arizona families, workers, and small businesses. Critically—thanks to this week’s bipartisan negotiations—state, local, and Tribal governments including in Arizona will receive economic aid from a relief fund that was omitted entirely from the Senate’s original proposal.
“Today’s bipartisan agreement will immediately shore-up Arizona hospitals and health care workers on the frontlines, support everyday families and individuals out of work, and assist employers affected by temporary closures. I’ll continue working closely with local Arizona communities to ensure these resources go where they are needed while assisting Arizonans with individual casework needs,” said Sinema.
Sinema helped secure a number of priorities in the Senate-passed sweeping coronavirus-response package, including resources for Arizona families and workers, frontline hospitals and health care providers, and Tribal communities and local governments across Arizona.

This week’s bipartisan Senate negotiations strengthened the Senate’s original proposal with critical new provisions for Arizona’s everyday families, including:

  • $55 billion more in investments in hospitals and health care workers—totaling $150 billion
  • a $150 billion relief fund for state, local, and Tribal governments—that was left out entirely from the Senate’s original proposal
  • dramatically expanded unemployment benefits and provisions allowing furloughed workers to stay on as employees

Investment in Hospitals and Health Care Providers

  • Sinema helped secure a $55 billion increase in health care funding from the Senate’s original proposal—totaling $150 billion for frontline hospitals, health care workers, and health systems so they can continue working to keep Arizonans healthy. 
  • Her advocacy with leadership in both parties helped delivered billions more in critical investments to fight the pandemic, including personal and protective equipment for health care workers, testing supplies, increased workforce and training, new construction to house patients, an increase of the Strategic National Stockpile, medical research into COVID-19, and Medicare payment increases to all hospitals and providers to ensure that they receive the funding they need during this crisis.

Support for Arizona families and workers

  • Sinema helped dramatically increase federal support for Arizonans struggling with unemployment due to the coronavirus, ensuring Arizonans can a receive up to an additional $600 dollars a week. Sinema also secured protections for Arizona families in danger of losing their homes. 
  • Sinema helped secure full cash payments for individual making up to $75,000 and families making up to $150,000, including doubling cash payments to working class Arizonans form $600 to $1200.
  • Sinema helped include a provision allowing Arizona companies to offer tax-free student loan assistance to their workers.
  • Sinema also helped secure tax credits for mid-sized businesses that keep their employees on the payroll during the coronavirus.
  • Sinema also helped ensure the package included $30 billion for education funding. Sinema pledged to continue working with Arizona universities to address additional economic loss.

Resources for the state, local, and Tribal governments across Arizona

  • Sinema secured $150 billion in a direct, dedicated coronavirus relief fund to provide Arizona’s state government, Tribal communities, and local municipalities some much-needed relief.
  • Sinema helped secure $30 billion for the Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial assistance to state, local, Tribal, and territorial governments, as well as private nonprofits providing critical and essential services. 
  • Additionally, Sinema secured robust support for $10 billion in Tribal government services and programs, including $2 billion for the Indian Health Services, to ensure Native communities across Arizona get the health care and resources they need. Sinema remains committed to continuing her work with Tribes across Arizona to ensure they have access to the resources their communities need to combat this crisis. 

Resources for Arizona employers and taxpayers

  • Sinema secured a $377 billion investment to assist Arizona small businesses and nonprofits through grants and loans, including $10 billion for Small Business Association (SBA) emergency grants and $17 billion for the SBA to cover 6 months of payments for small businesses with existing loans. Small businesses make up more than 90 percent of Arizona’s businesses. Sinema is committed to continuing her to work to support all small businesses.
  • Sinema secured critical transparency for Arizona taxpayers in the Senate-approved coronavirus-response package. Sinema ensured the creation of a Treasury Department Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery and an Accountability Committee to provide oversight of the $500 billion loan program for corporations and airlines. 
  • Sinema ensured rent, mortgage and utility costs are eligible for SBA loan forgiveness.
  • Sinema helped save hundreds of thousands of airline industry jobs.

For full text of the Senate's coronavirus response legislation, click HERE.


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