Continuing Her Leadership in Strengthening Arizona’s Water Future, Sinema Convenes Valley Cities to Talk Solutions

Feb 6, 2023

Senator, who secured over $12 billion for drought relief and Western water storage, doubles down on commitment to bring regional stakeholders together to identify a long-term action plan

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema convened a meeting with Valley mayors, members of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, and regional water leaders to discuss their needs and priorities as she continues to focus on long-term solutions to the drought crisis in the American West.
Sinema has been a consistent leader in strengthening Arizona’s and the West’s water future – from delivering more than $12 billion in never-before-seen drought relief and Western water storage investments, to launching her Water Advisory Council comprised of tribal, rural, academic, conservation, and business water experts, to bringing farmers and other diverse stakeholders to the same negotiating table, Sinema has been on the frontlines of forming a long-term, step-by-step plan for the Colorado River Basin States’ water resilience.
“All of the Colorado River Basin States share the same river and alarming drought conditions – we either all win together, or we all lose together. I’m laser-focused on building a broad, inclusive coalition of water stakeholders who understand the severity of this situation and are equally determined to deliver lasting results that actually increase water supply and resiliency throughout the West,” said Sinema.
Sinema’s roundtable discussion followed the announcement of a proposal from six of seven Basin states to come together in a collaborative process to find lasting solutions to the Colorado River drought crisis. Sinema voiced her support for the collaborative effort and called on California to work collaboratively with the rest of the states.
The Senator has long acknowledged that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to a challenge as severe as the West’s historic drought conditions, which is why she has made a point to consistently meet with Arizona water experts from all backgrounds. Since negotiating her landmark Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law and delivering historic investments to the state, Sinema has been actively working with partners in Arizona and across the West to identify solutions helping mitigate the impact of Western drought.
Last year, Sinema launched a Water Advisory Council of Arizona water experts from agriculture, tribal, conservation, academic, and business communities across Arizona to help advise the Senator on water issues and form a lasting regional plan that mitigates the historic drought conditions in the American West. In October, Sinema convened her third Water Advisory Council meeting, during which members of the Council discussed next steps for new funding opportunities from the $4 billion investment in drought mitigation Sinema personally secured in the Inflation Reduction Act. 
Following Sinema’s success, the Gila River Indian Community offered 750,000 acre-feet of water conservation over the next three years, demonstrating a growing commitment to forming a long-term, regional action plan among stakeholders.