BREAKING: Congress Approves Sinema-Shaped Bipartisan Energy Package

Dec 23, 2020

WASHINGTON – The bipartisan energy package passed by Congress includes Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s energy priorities that create jobs and grow Arizona’s economy. Sinema secured her bipartisan Solar Energy Research and Development Act, Launching Energy Advancement and Development through Innovations for Natural Gas (LEADING) Act, and her Integrated Energy Systems Act in the bipartisan package.
“This important energy package includes our bills to expand job opportunities for Arizona. The bill’s passage boosts Arizona’s solar development and helps secure Arizona’s energy future,” said Sinema. 
Sinema’s Solar Energy Research and Development Act, included in the energy package, renews and modernizes the Solar Energy Technology Program, increasing resources to Arizona’s government, universities, and companies to help develop solar technology. The package improves Arizona’s competitiveness in solar manufacturing and deployment. Arizona ranks third in the nation in solar energy production, and is expected to add another 2,769 million watts of solar energy over the next five years.
Sinema’s Launching Energy Advancement and Development through Innovations for Natural Gas Act (LEADING ACT), included in the package, incentivizes research and development of carbon capture technology for natural gas to ensure a reliable, affordable, and environmentally sound energy supply. The LEADING Act promotes the continued use of natural gas to keep energy bills low, maintain Arizona’s energy security, and protect the environment.
Sinema’s bipartisan Integrated Energy Systems Act, establishes a research and development program at the U.S. Department of Energy to analyze energy systems integration, including emission-reducing energy resources and nuclear hybrid energy systems.